Tuesday 9th July 2024

Tianli Printing Soaring to New Heights with ROLAND 706 Evolution 3B LV

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In recent years, the domestic economy has shown steady growth, and the consumer market has experienced a notable recovery. These factors have contributed to the rapid expansion of the packaging printing industry. As this sector grows, there has been a significant rise in the demands for improved quality, advanced technology, and greater efficiency in packaging printing. Responding to these evolving market needs and aiming to enhance its position in the competitive landscape, Dalian Tianli Printing Co., Ltd. has embarked on a strategic partnership with Manroland. This collaboration has led to the acquisition of the state-of-the-art ROLAND 706 Evolution 3B LV printing press, which has already been installed and launched into operation.

Mr. Bo Hao, the Executive General Manager of Tianli Printing, offers insights into the company’s decision to choose Manroland as a partner. Established in 2012, Tianli Printing operates out of a facility that spans nearly 30,000 square meters, specializing in a wide array of packaging print products. According to Mr. Hao, the packaging printing market has witnessed a robust growth, with the number of competitors and the industry’s growth rate increasing annually by about 7%. “In such a fiercely competitive environment, enhancing our overall market competitiveness is crucial. This involves not only elevating productivity and product quality but also reducing production costs,” Mr. Hao explains.

The newly installed ROLAND 706 Evolution 3B LV comes equipped with advanced automated technology features such as the TripleFlow, which Mr. Hao credits with providing Tianli Printing with unprecedented efficiency, productivity, and superior print quality. This technology ensures consistently stable and uniform colors while significantly lowering production costs. Moreover, the association with Manroland’s century-old brand not only bolsters Tianli Printing’s market image but also strengthens customer confidence and trust in their products. Mr. Hao confidently asserts that these enhancements have propelled the company’s market competitiveness to new heights.

The Evolution press is outfitted with several automated technologies that notably improve productivity, enhance print quality, and reduce costs. One such feature, the TripleFlow, allows for three different ink distributions at the push of a button, ensuring high color consistency throughout the print run and reducing waste significantly. Another feature, the Simultaneous Plate Loading technology, streamlines the plate loading and blanket cleaning processes, allowing them to occur concurrently. This capability not only cuts down preparation times but also enables plate exchange and cleaning across all printing units in under four minutes, boosting productivity and enhancing print quality while achieving cost savings.

Further technological advancements include the InlineInspector 3.0, which detects minor defects such as hickeys, splashes, and color deviations, reducing the need for manual oversight and thus lowering labor costs. The InlineColorPilot 3.0 automates color and register control, eliminating the need for manual pull sheets, ensuring high color stability, and reducing waste and time, thereby increasing productivity. Moreover, the InlineFoiler 2.0 provides an innovative solution for achieving more creative and visually striking print effects. This feature allows for cold foiling and overprinting in a single pass on various substrates, which can be further enhanced with embossing and spot coatings for maximum visual impact, significantly boosting productivity.

With the installation of the ROLAND 706 Evolution 3B LV and backed by Manroland’s professional support, Tianli Printing is well-equipped to reach new heights in the packaging printing industry. This strategic move not only responds adeptly to current market demands but also positions Tianli Printing as a leader in the field, ready to meet future challenges and opportunities with advanced technological solutions.

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