70 Years in Business

The first published and printed book in Lebanon “Al-Muhit al-Muhit fi al-Fiqh” (The Comprehensive Sea in Jurisprudence) was authored by Sheikh Youssef ibn Ismail Al-Maqqari and printed in 1734 in the city of Tripoli.

This book holds historical significance as it marks the beginning of the printing era in Lebanon. It was printed using movable type, a revolutionary technology invented by goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg that allowed for the mass production of books.

The publishing of the book paved the way for a flourishing printing industry and contributed to the spread of knowledge and intellectual discourse in the region. From religious texts to literary works, printing became a vital medium for sharing ideas and fostering intellectual growth.

Founded in 1952, Dynagraph would play a pivotal role in the preservation and dissemination of printing in Lebanon and the Middle East region. Over the next years the company would solidify its reputation as the influential leader in the field of printing in the Arab world. Lebanon’s strategic location, multilingual population, and vibrant cultural scene made it the ideal hub for a flourishing printing industry.

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