Mission & Vision

Riding the Next Wave of Economic Growth

Named for its rich soils, the Middle east is also known as the Fertile Crescent, the “cradle of civilization.” And although in recent decades the region has more infamously been in the news for civil conflicts and wars it also births some spirited and resilient businesses.

A constant in the region’s Graphic Industry since its establishment in 1952, Dynagraph has always adapted rather than reacted to industry changes and stayed laser-focused on expanding its addressable market.

Our Mission is built around our vision to create a group sufficiently diverse and disruptive enough to secure our future. Our fundamental aim is to reward our customers, our people and our shareholders all the while giving back to our communities.

To meet our vision, we work to create a trusted, reliable and progressive company structure and a business that can navigate and survive the changing times.

We are therefore constantly exploring and relentlessly searching for new business ideas, ventures and opportunities all the while dealing with future challenges.

At Dynagraph, our mission is to essentially facilitate the development of our current Printing and packaging activities, explore and invest in new industries to ride the next wave of economic growth.

Our Values

We are pragmatic and are not driven by greed. We place emphasis on long-term partnerships that share similar beliefs, abide by the same ethical standards and are mutually beneficial.

To reach the highest standards, we depend on our people. Their welfare, training and expertise are at the heart of our success.

We cultivate a spirited teamwork. It’s through the collective commitment, hardwork, honesty, loyalty, transparency, accountability, and by taking the initiative that we reach our common vision.

We are committed to providing a supportive working environment that encourages and rewards our employees, helping them to excel, develop and grow.

We provide our customers with the highest possible service standard at fair prices, we reward our employees, give back to our communities and finance our future growth and development.

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